Saturday Night Live lampooned Illinois’ Democratic Governor Rod Blagojevich. From the opening skit to the always funny ‘Weekend Update with Seth and Amy’ it was great. Really! Read more about the skits below and watch the videos.

Governor Rod Blagojevich and his wife found themselves spoofed on Saturday Night Live in a profanity-laced skit portraying him before the U.S. Senate trying to extort a personal “bailout.”

In the skit, Blagojevich – played by Jason Sudeikis – offers to appoint a candidate approved by the Legislature if the U.S. Senate gave him a lump sum and paid off his credit cards. When the Senate committee squawks, Blago threatens to appoint himself! He later became angry at the “paltry” salary of senators, offering to accept instead an ambassadorship to Turkey as long as it was a “no-show” position; and offering for sale the wedding ring of Abraham Lincoln (um, and his skeletal hand).

Even Governor Blagojevich’s wife, Patti, wasn’t spared, her character played by Kristen Wiig, storming in with cuss words to demand her husband get her a seat on NASA’s board. “You promised!” she screams. Even Blago’s hair wasn’t spared!

The best SNL Blago skit of the night was called ‘Really!’ and there were so many great lines in there I don’t want to do it an injustice, so watch the video below. You will love it. And to top it all off, actor Hugh Laurie of House was the guest host for last night’s Saturday Night Live.

SNL Blago “Really???” Video

SNL Blago “Opening Skit” Video*

*This is a place holder video until the opening skit video becomes available