Meet Deb Mell who will soon be a member of the Illinois State House of Representatives and is Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s sister in law. Read about her below, including her biography and a photo.

Deborah L. Mell (D.) will start serving her term in the Illinois State House of Representatives in January 2009. Born July 30, 1968, Deb, as she is known, is also a candidate for the US House of Representatives. The 40 year old Ms. Mell is hoping to replace Obama buddy Rahm Emanuel in Illinois’ 5th congressional district. She announced her candidacy for Emanuel’s seat just two days after the chosen one *won* the presidential election, and it’s alleged she has withdrawn from that race.

The openly lesbian Mell is the daughter of long time Chicago Alderman Richard Mell and his wife Marge. She was arrested in 2004 while protesting her inability to get a same-sex marriage license. However, her current partner is Christin Baker, so perhaps it’s a good thing she didn’t marry. Divorce is hard on most couples.

Deb Mell is also the sister in law of Illinois Governor Milorad “Rod” R. Blagojevich. Her sister Patricia is the Governor’s wife as well as the mother of his two children, Anne and Amy. As you know, Gov. Blagojevich and his Chief of Staff, John Harris were arrested this morning on corruption charges in Illinois.

Ms. Mell’s father, Richard (Dick) Mell was instrumental in Blagojevich’s run for a seat in the Illinois House of Representatives in 1992, which he won.

Ms. Mell earned a culinary arts degree from California Culinary Academy after attending Cornell College. She currently serves on Mayor Richard M. Daley’s Advisory Council for Human Relations.

It will be interesting to see how the arrest of Gov. Blagojevich will affect Ms. Mell’s political aspirations. Dissension within the Mell/Blagojevich families is well documented and one cannot escape the putrid odor of the possibility of nepotism involved.

I have a few questions. Is there a politician in Illinois that is not corrupt? Why do the citizens continue to put criminals in charge of their state? What are voters going to do about it? Are you able to draw a clear line between Rezco, Blagojevich and the chosen one now?

Seriously Illinois, isn’t it time you take out the garbage, and fumigate all the offices remotely connected to a corrupt Governor, or are you going to be another California, and look the other way?

Please note Ms. Mell is not accused of any wrong doing at this time …………