Gay rights organizations have declared December 10, 2008 as the Day Without A Gay.

Modeled after the demonstrations for immigrants rights in past years called, “A Day Without A Mexican,” the Day Without A Gay will be a nationwide voluntary strike and economic boycott by gay Americans. The two leading websites promoting the Day Without A Gay are and

According to Join The Impact, on the Day Without A Gay, people who are gay should do three things:

1. An economic boycott for 1 day. On December 10th: International Human Rights Day. Do not use your phone, do not turn on the TV, do not go online, do not buy ANYTHING. Take it one step further if you wish: take $80 out of your bank account and keep it in your pocket all day. We are taxpaying citizens who are asking for the same rights as every other tax paying US citizen.
2. A day of VOLUNTEERING. That’s right. Don’t sit in your house with all your lights off staring at the wall. Let’s get out there and show this world just how much our community has to offer. There are many ways to volunteer: Go to a soup kitchen, talk at a local school, work at a retirement center, collect food for the LGBTQ Food Drive, or work with your local LGBTQ organization to get marriage equality petition signatures in your area. Join The Impact is teaming up with the Courage Campaign to gather 1 Million Signatures to repeal Prop 8. These are just a few ideas.
3. A day of VISIBILITY. We are asking that people call of work for this event. This is a great way to show just how many of us there are. Now here’s the IMPORTANT thing to note: there are still many states that do not have sexual identity inclusive ENDA laws. In other words, in many states, an employer can still fire an employee for being Gay. Consider your situation both economically and personally before calling off work. There are MANY WAYS to show visibility on December 10th. If you cannot call off work, we ask that you show up to work wearing a White Knot, but don’t forget to PACK YOUR LUNCH and refrain from that tempting coffee run.

In San Francisco, where there is a large gay population, there will also be a rally and march in the Mission District at 6 P.M. In the aftermath of the passage of Proposition 8, gay activists are trying to bring more attention to the gay rights movement. The purpose of the Day Without A Gay is to make the country aware of how important gay people are to the day to day lives of most Americans. Presumably, people will be less likely to be prejudiced against gay people once they understand that gay people provide many services that the country cannot do without.

I am skeptical about how effective this Day Without A Gay will be. First, unless they have overwhelming support from the gay community, it will fail to do anything but make a lot of people lose vacation/personal days unnecessarily. Second, it will have the most impact in places that do not need convincing. San Francisco and Hollywood will be without many essential services on that day, but those places already voted overwhelmingly against Proposition 8. I’m guessing that the conservative parts of San Diego, Orange County and Central California will not even be aware that there was a boycott. Also, in the current economic climate, all workers should be wary about trying to get a day off for political reasons.

See a video regarding the Day Without A Gay below:

Day Without A Gay