is reporting that the Indian government is seeking the help of Israel to assist them in the planning and operational procedures of commando style raids across the Pakistani border. The corporate sponsored media here in the United States doesn’t seem to be covering this story, but it has got the attention of most of the countries across Asia and the Middle East. Read more, see photos, and a video below.

Debka reports as follows:

“Israel is willing to help the Indians carry out punitive forays into Pakistan because it has its own scores to settle for the brutal murder of six Israelis in Mumbai’s Chabad Center by the Islamist terrorists and for the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency’s hand in the atrocity.
Security sources in New Delhi disclosed Saturday, Dec. 6, that ISI officers actively trained the terrorists on military lines and selected their targets, including two big hotels and the Jewish-Israeli center.
Indian sources told DEBKAfile that Israel was asked for assistance because its special undercover forces were long seasoned in plotting and executing reprisals for terrorist attacks; above all, they were expert in getting away after covert operations without leaving a trail. New Delhi wants its commando operations in Pakistan to be stealthy and focused, and does not propose to admit responsibility.�?

Condoleezza Rice is said to have seen the plan and commented that India and Pakistan should avoid full-scale war, but was not opposed to “counter-terror operations.�? The Pakistan Observer reports they were told that a reliable source informed them that Israeli commandos have already been deployed into unknown destinations near the Pakistani/India border. They also note that there is mounting military activity on land, air, and sea in the region. The Pakistani government reportedly is saying it will not tolerate any such actions by the Indians into Pakistan.

Pakistan has recently made arrests of suspected terrorists involved in the Mumbai attacks. This may alleviate the situation, though some are suggesting that the arrests may prove US, Israeli, and Indian involvement in the attacks. This author takes no credit to that report.

India Pakistan Tension Video