Staten Island, New York Representative Vito Fossella was sentenced today for his drunken driving arrest last spring. He is appealing, of course. Read about it below, see a photo and video.

Almost former New York Congressman Vito Fossella was in court today and sentenced for his May 1, 2008 arrest from drunk driving. He was sentenced to five days in jail, got a $300 fine and lost his driver’s license for a year. He was ordered to report to jail on December 19th but his lawyers are appealing his sentence.

You might remember Fossella because his arrest last May lead to all sorts of embarrassing confessions of naughty behavior on the part of the Congressman. The 43-year-old up and coming politician fell down and dirty after his arrest in May. It turns out when he was driving so drunk and ran a red light, he was on his way to see his baby mama, Laura Fay. This was news to just about everybody, including his wife and family back in New York. Then, when he spoke to the public about the situation and didn’t mention leaving his wife, that was news for his long time lover and mother of his 3-year-old child. Needless to say, we can only imagine how mad each of his women were.

This near polygamous politician’s lifestyle was news to all his constituents. He decided he’d be ‘brave’ and hang on to his job, representing the good people of Staten Island. However, the good people of Staten Island said, ‘Thanks, but no thanks.’ He decided he wasn’t quite brave enough to take all the questions from reporters, so he declined to run for re-election. He’ll leave office next month. Now a democrat has won his seat in the New York House of Representatives. That’s bad news all the way around.

Speaking of being brave and facing the consequences of one’s behavior, Fossella’s attorneys initially tried to convince the courts that the breath test he took at the scene of the embarrassment was broken and that he wasn’t drunk. When that didn’t work (duh!) they tried to delay sentencing to get a toxicology expert to court. That didn’t work either.

When all their attempts to delay failed, Fossella was sentenced and his attorneys immediately applied for a jury trial.

OH COME ON!!! Just do your time Fossella.

For crying out loud. How much time and effort is going into avoiding 5 days in jail! FIVE DAYS!!! Just do it. The tax payers have spent enough on this nonsense.

Paris Hilton did it. Surely you can do what Paris Hilton did. Surely. Your wife had to sit there and listen to you ‘confess’ and ‘apologize’ for having another family in another state. Your lover had to sit there and realize you had been lying to her all along and now she’s got your baby. Surely you can do five days in jail.

Man up. Do your time.

Vito Fossella – Video
Fossella speaks about his arrest