After two consecutive election cycles that have really hurt the GOP in both the House and Senate, 2010 looks a bit better, but still there is a lot of work to be done. I think this is good news, but as the article points out now is the time to get to work and work towards protecting our seats.

There sure doesn’t seem to be any rest for weary Senate Republican strategists, who are trying to plot a comeback in 2010 for their party after two consecutive miserable election cycles.

They can take some consolation in the fact that the GOP will not have the kind of steeply slanted playing field it had to deal with this year. In the flip side of the party’s successes in its better times of 2002, the Republicans ended up defending 23 seats to the Democrats’ 12. That would have made it hard for them to hold their ground, even if the overall political atmosphere had not been so toxic.

The slate of regularly scheduled 2010 races gives the Republicans another defensive chore, though it was not nearly as big: 19 Republican-held seats are scheduled to be up that year to 15 Democratic-held seats. Special elections will narrow the margin further, to 19-17, because of picks President-elect Barack Obama has made for his White House team from among his former Democratic Senate colleagues.

The key over the next several election cycles is going to be to win back senate seats in traditionally read states like the Dakotas, Kansas and Montana. These senators claim to be “moderate” or “conservative” Democrats, but they always vote along party lines when the crucial votes are cast. So, we in the blogging world, and the GOP in general has a two-fold challenge. First, we must educate our base about what Conservatism is about and that these conservative Democrats can’t be trusted. Second we must find dynamic candidates who will inspire the electorate. For instance, Giuliani could run in New York and stand a decent chance of winning Hillary’s seat. Mostly we have to purge the RINOs and find people of principle who understand Conservatism and convince the people that they will uphold those values. Obama could make this much easier given his liberal tendencies. Combined with the fact that the economy is not getting better any time soon, 2010 could prove to be a fortuitous time for the GOP.