This week’s episode of Family Guy contained an opening sequence in which Peter Griffin dresses as Laura Bush for a costume party and his wife Lois dresses as a bleeding man with tire tracks across his body. The characters repeat several times “Laura Bush Killed A Guy.”

What exactly was this referring to?

In 1963, according to a public police report, Laura Bush (then known as Laura Welch) was involved in a fatal car accident. According to the report, Laura Welch allegedly had been driving when her car passed a stop sign and struck a sedan driven by 17-year-old named Michael Douglas. No charges were filed as a result of the accident. There was another female teenage passenger in Laura Welch’s car.

News reports stated that Michael Douglas died after suffering a broken neck. He was pronounced dead on arrival at Midland Memorial Hospital. There have been numerous rumors over the years regarding Laura Welch’s conduct at the time and whether she was at fault for the accident. Some have insinuated that Laura Welch was criminally negligent and/or she had been drinking. However, no lawsuits or charges were ever filed. There is no evidence of wrongdoing on her part.

Laura Welch was taken to the hospital after the accident and treated for minor injuries. Michael Douglas was a star athlete at Laura Welch’s high school. According to news reports, he was very popular among his peers.

Family Guy is known for making shocking comments for the sake of attention. Recently, the show linked the McCain-Palin ticket to Nazis. It has also portrayed Jews as nerdy number-crunching accountants, mocked slavery, made light of domestic violence, and insinuated many crass things about the disabled. Peter Griffin once threw a dollar at Sandra Oh because that was “a lot of money to her people.”

In short, nothing on Family Guy is meant to be taken seriously. They use shock humor to get ratings.

See the clip below:

Laura Bush Killed A Guy