Barack Obama announced in his weekly YouTube address that he plans to create jobs through public works projects, as in Dwight Eisenhower. Its anyone’s guess as to where the money will come from. Read about it below and see his video below.

Barack Obama has said repeatedly that he doesn’t want to act like President because he isn’t President yet. However, he continues to act as though he’s President. His extremely frequent press conferences and his weekly radio addresses (aka YouTube addresses) are part of his play acting Presidential. Perhaps the reason he is still raising money for his Presidential campaign is to pay for his Office of the President Elect and the public relations campaign he is continuing to wage. The only time he doesn’t want to act like he’s already President is when there’s an actual decision to be made.

Today, the future President outlined his plans for massive public works projects to alleviate unemployment and improve the infrastructure of the country. He’s taking a page from Dwight Eisenhower’s programs of the 1950s. I’m sure he read about that in one of his history classes. His public works projects will include roads, bridges, schools, digitalized medical records, expanded broadband, energy and as a side product of all that … job creation.

Its the FDR New Deal of the 21st Century. As with all things Obama, it’ll be all things to all people and give us all hope and change. But that goes without saying, of course.

The cost of this new New Deal is projected to cost taxpayers somewhere between $500 and $700 billion (BILLION with a B). That estimate comes out of Senator Charles Schumer’s office. That means it will probably actually end up costing somewhere between $1 Trillion and $1.5 Trillion (Trillion with a T).

Does anyone have out their number 2 pencils? Can you do some quick figuring and figure out how much that adds to the other programs and promises that have been made by the Obamacrats? Add up the bailouts and taxing everyone for cow flatulence, mileage driven and anything else that doesn’t please The One. Now, how much are we going to owe and should we start just printing money that won’t even be worth the paper its printed on?

Barack Obama – Video
Weekly Address from the President-Elect: December 6, 2008