Laura Garza has disappeared in New York. Read her story below and see the photo put out by the New York Police Department.

Update: Body found, here.

Laura Garza’s disappearance from the infamous Marquee nightclub in Manhattan, New York, has piqued the curiosity of many in the U.S.and Mexico. A native of Mexico, the petite beauty moved to Brooklyn, New York from Texas about six months ago and is employed by Payless Shoes in Manhattan.

The 5’2″ Garza went night-clubbing with a co-worker and was last seen on surveillance camera video around 4:00 am on Wednesday morning, December 3rd. The Marquee is a trendy dance club known to have the occasional celebrity like Paris Hilton drop in. The club was closed this past summer after undercover officers made numerous cocaine buys there.

Surveillance tapes show Laura Garza dancing for about an hour with a 23-year-old Michael Mele. She is seen voluntarily leaving the bar with Mele and another young man at 4:00 am and has not been seen since.

Police and citizens alike fear foul play has befallen Ms. Garza.

Michael Mele owns a Quizno’s in Middletown, New York and is the son of retired MTA Assistant Deputy Police Chief William Mele. He is also a registered sex offender, which as we often know, doesn’t mean anything after the recent witch-hunt where over zealous prosecutors went after every man that so much as winked at a woman … or so it would seem. His offense was forcible touch and that encompasses any number of things, some of them innocent. More often than not, it involves a very angry and/or jealous woman wanting retribution for some perceived slight.

However, Mele, with his father and lawyer by his side, turned himself in to Newburgh police Friday night. He was being held on a minor charge (thought to be a traffic ticket) but has since been transferred to Brooklyn.

Police sources say they have recovered a blood stained black Lexus SUV, and that a piece of carpeting is missing from Mele’s bachelor pad. Blood stains were also discovered there and it’s alleged a bloody knife has been found outside the apartment. It’s also alleged that Michael Mele called his friend and pleaded with him not to speak with police if they called. Other items found include a machete, a shoe, and a piece of green material resembling underwear.

Neighbors state he spent three days in frantic frenzy cleaning his home with bleach.

All things that make you go hmmmmm.

So far Mele hasn’t discussed his involvement with Garza except for admitting he left the night club with her and his friend.

I don’t see a positive outcome to Laura Garza’s disappearance. She has been described as sweet and naive, with a touch of Southern style friendliness. Definitely qualities that could be not good when you’re living in New York City.

Michael Mele has not been charged with anything regarding Ms.Garza at this time but I look for that to change soon. Yes, I know he has the presumption of innocence …. and is probably as innocent as OJ. I just hope that Laura Garza’s vanishing will be resolved soon, so her family and friends can begin to breathe again.

As a reminder, no one should be going anywhere with a stranger these days (or nights). It seldom turns out to be a *good thing *.