Rice University is one of the most prestigious university’s in the country, not to mention one of the most expensive. In what seems to be becoming a trend at our nation’s top universities, some of its smart students are using their time to run a sex magazine called Open Magazine:

Open Magazine is a magazine for Rice university students dedicated to encouraging the open discussion of sex-related subjects on campus. The magazine is funded by a $3,300 grant from the Dr. Bill Wilson Student Initiative Grant, which is awarded to creative student projects. Each issue of the magazine must be approved by an editorial board of Rice faculty and staff. The board does not control the content of the magazine and does not prohibit nude images.

In fact, Open Magazine contains nude images of Rice students within each issue. It also contains several articles on abstinence and sexually transmitted diseases, and other sex-related subjects. But do you really think hormone-driven college students are getting this magazine for the articles?

Rice is not alone. Ivy League schools like Columbia and Harvard have their own student-run sex magazines. Columbia has C-Spot, which focuses on the artistic and creative side of sex, and features semi-nude pictures of students. Washington University students recently started X-Magazine, which contains sexually suggestive artwork, stories and photos. Harvard has Diamond Magazine, which recently included a nude spread of the gentleman pictured below:



His parents must be so proud. And, based on reactions from many female observers, Harvard clearly needs better men.

C-Spot and Diamond receive no funding from Columbia or Harvard, respectively.

X-Magazine is supported by funding from Washington University.

You can see the magazines for yourselves at the below links:


Open Magazine


My personal review of the above magazines: State school girls are way hotter. You are better off getting a Girls Gone Wild: College Edition DVD.

Photos: Open Magazine, Diamond.