Prop 8: The Musical!

An All-Star cast including Jack Black, John C. Reilly, Neil Patrick Harris and Margaret Cho.

Comedic songs blaring timely lyrics like, “Every time a gay or lesbian finds love at the parade / There’s money to be made.�?

It’s a viral internet hit! The site that introduced it (and owns the copyright to the video),, has had 1.9 million hits since the video was first posted on Wednesday.

Prop 8: The Musical was created and composed by Mark Shaiman, who has served as musical director for hit films like South Park, Sister Act, and The American President, and several Broadway productions. Mark Shaiman gained a lot of publicity recently for sending a mass email alerting his colleagues in the musical industry that Scott Eckern, musical director of the California Musical Theater in Sacremento, had donated money in support of Proposition 8. Proposition 8 effectively outlawed same sex marriage in the state of California.

Eckern is a member of the Mormon chuch, which helped organize support for Proposition 8, and a proponent of the idea that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. He’s also straight, which is a rarity in the world of musical direction. Facing immense pressure from the gay-friendly musical crowd, Eckern resigned from his position in November.

After causing Eckern’s resignation, Shaiman decided that he wanted to continue onward in his public opposition to Proposition 8. He pulled out his Rolodex, called up his very famous friends, and composed a musical mocking Proposition 8.

There’s just one problem. The musical is just awful. Not funny. Not musically interesting, and certainly not a political statement of any meaningful kind. I didn’t even crack a smile, much less laugh, and the music at times was so bad that I wanted to cover my ears.

As I’ve set forth in numerous posts on this site, I broke from the standard conservative position on gay marriage and voted against Proposition 8. I believe that the government has no right to determine who can and cannot enter into the marriage contract. However, no matter how much I oppose Prop 8, I can’t support this awful musical.

You might say: What does a political hack like Ignatius Reilly know about musicals? Not much. But if Frank Rich can write about politics, I can write about musicals. If this were on Broadway, Prop 8: The Musical wouldn’t last past opening night. Watch at your own peril.

See a preview of the video below:

Prop 8 Musical

You can see the full video here: Funny or Die.

Photo: Wenn