A Judge in Las Vegas has sentenced OJ Simpson to 15 years concurrent sentence in prison for robbery and kidnapping. For a concurrent sentencing definition, go here. Though this may seem like little for what crimes OJ has committed in the past, to many this is sweet justice. However, this may not be even as bad as it sounds for the Juice. See pictures, video and more below.

Even though the sentence is for 15 years, what national reporting isn’t saying is that the Nevada justice system basically gives you one day off of that sentence for every good day served. Likely, OJ will see fresh air in around 7 ½ years. First offender murderers often only see 5-10 years, partially because of plea deals.

Simpson made statements before the judge this morning. He reportedly said, “ I didn’t mean to steal anything from anyone, I’m sorry.�? Judge Jackie Glass threw the hammer at OJ Simpon. Verdict, “it was beyond stupid,�? Mr. Simpson.

With the latest OJ Simpson trial now at a close, this writer personally believes little vindication has been given to the victims of his first crimes in the early 90s. There is even still room for reduction in sentence by appeal, though this is unlikely.

OJ Simpson Sentencing Video