Our liberal fellows are up to their old tricks, this time in the State of Washington. Members of the Freedom From Religion Foundation have “won” the right to put a very large placard next to a nativity scene in the State’s Capital building. They claim they have a “right” to do this as part of the freedom of religion. In part, the sign reads, “There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell. There is only our natural world. Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.” Happy Holidays!

This claim to include diverse religious displays derives from Supreme Court language that states that government may display signs of the Nativity, but not to the seclusion of other religions. So, if they are going to display the nativity, then, if requested, government must also have a menorah or other religious symbols of the season. The only problem here is that this group is an atheist group that believes in no religion. They are not supporting any celebration of the season (although they try to disguise this with some reference to the Winter Solstace) but they are explicitly making a statement how they think religion is a foolish thing, they are not trying in any way to celebrate the season. In fact, the president of this group has explicitly said so, stating, “It’s not a religious display, it is an attack on religion,â€? the President of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, Dan Barker said. No kidding.

Well, if you are not outraged yet, here comes the follow up. This idiot Barker states in the video below that the nativity scene represents “hate speech” and is a direct attack on human values. He also calls the baby Jesus a dictator. Watch the video below.

I have to wonder, has this guy ever even read the Bible? If not, I might recommend you to any of the 4 gospels that quote the “beatitudes”. Christ’s sermon on the mount is one of the most stirring reminders of what it means to be a Christian and a reminder to us all what this season is all about. Turn the other cheek, love thy neighbor, don’t covet what others have, give of your possessions and “do unto others” don’t seem like the teachings of a dictator and the ramblings of hate speech. Mr. Barker, these are the true human values. You sir, are a sad little man who is ignorant about religion. Your dogma (ironic huh) blinds you to what it is that most Christians really believe. If you don’t want to believe in Christ, fine, but I’m not sure what motivates you to cast aspersions on what good people believe in.