The democrats are getting frustrated that The Party Leader, Barack Obama, won’t take a stand on issues. Read about it below.

The democrats are getting frustrated that The Party Leader, Barack Obama, won’t take a stand on issues. They are particularly concerned that he has refused to take a stand on the pressing economic issues that are being dealt with by Congress currently. Democratic Party leaders, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and Senator Carl Levin are starting to speak out about their frustration.

When asked to take a leadership role, Obama tends to demure. He replies to direct inquiries with statements about it being premature to make a decision about this or that. He says that there is only one President at a time and he doesn’t want to step on President George W. Bush’s toes. Yet, he has almost daily press conferences, standing behind a podium that holds a sign declaring him officially from the ‘Office of the President Elect’. He has not hesitated to keep himself front and center in the public eye, raise millions upon millions of dollars (what for?), but he doesn’t want to take an actual stand on issues.

Its beyond my understanding how this behavior could be a surprise to anyone. This is a man who has spent his entire career avoiding taking a stand on issues. He has been a presence. He has spoken eloquently, extensively and long-windedly on vague concepts of hope and change. Specifics are not his forte. He has been a front man. As his Vice-President Elect stated, he has been ‘clean and articulate’. He’s been the guy who has been wrapped up in a pretty package, has posed for the cameras, been marketed by the best branders out there and raised hundreds of millions of dollars to present the package in just the right way. He’s the man who managed to vote ‘present’ throughout his career …. up until now.

But now the rubber is meeting the road and the democrats …. the country …. are actually expecting a LEADER. The game playing is over. The glossy presentation won’t cut it any more. There is a country to run. There are problems that need to be dealt with. There are real enemies out there that would bring us down with half a chance. They are already lining up to take the first swipe at us. The economy has been in a down swing since the democrats took control of the Senate and Congress in 2006 and its been in free fall since it became apparent that Obama was going to be able to buy the Presidency.

I have often thought that Obama acts more like a University professor than a leader. He should be at Harvard teaching classes, leading theoretical intellectual discussions and sharing wine and cheese with his chi-chi associates. He lives in his head, but he is now in a position that he’ll actually have to take action.

During the campaign, when the stock market crashed, John McCain went back to Washington to lead. Barack Obama sent a message to call him if he was needed. It took President Bush calling him and telling him he needed to come back to Washington for him to actually go there. As a Senator and certainly as the leader of his party at that point, there should have been no question that he would return to Washington in the midst of a national crisis. He didn’t seem to understand that he was expected to be a leader.

Call me if you need me, he said. He’s saying that again. The Bush administration has reached out to him to work together on the financial crisis since it will affect both administrations. Obama replied to call him if he’s needed. Democratic leaders have asked him to step up to the plate and provide some leadership regarding the auto bailout, the housing crisis and how to spend the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). Obama is saying call him if he’s needed. Meanwhile, he’s holding press conferences, raising money and buying his wife a $30,000 ‘thank you’ ring. Its all about public image.

So the question is whether or not Obama has what it takes to actually step up to the plate and DO something more than speak eloquent words.