Welcome to our weekly edition of the Right Pundits Caption Contest. This week we feature Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Condoleezza Rice has been Secretary of State for several years now. She has gotten very little credit in the media for her achievements and President Bush has gotten no credit for appointing a Black woman to that position. He didn’t make a big deal about her being a ‘Black woman’ because that’s not why she was appointed. She was appointed on her own merit rather than for the sake of identity politics.

She has been the most powerful woman in America since her appointment to Secretary of State, and yet, she has been completely ignored and even vilified by the main stream media. That’s because it doesn’t have to do with someone’s accomplishments as much as it has to do with sticking to ‘THE party’ line and talking points. She doesn’t, so she’s been marginalized by the old media.

So here she is for our caption contest today.

Winners will be announced next week …

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…. and the winners from our last caption contest are ….. :

  • 1st Place – George: Nancy Pelosi before her make up is applied.
  • 2nd Place – Anneke: Pardon? Better me than Johnny Jihad.
  • 3rd Place – jeremiah: Pumpkin, pardoned turkey turned activist/advocate, urges congressmen to substitute pork for their Thanksgiving dinner. After all, Pumpkin says, its plentiful in the D.C. area. And very easy to acquire.