Lila Rose, the president of a pro-life group at the University of California, Los Angeles, posed as a blond 13-year-old girl named “Brianna” and entered the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Bloomington, Indiana. She told the staff there that she had been impregnated by a 31-year-old man.

Lila Rose posed as a 13-year-old pregnant girl seeking an abortion at the Planned Parenthood Clinic of Bloomington, Indiana. One of the nurses at the clinic, identified only as “Diana,” coached Rose on how to avoid parental consent requirements of Indiana law. Indiana law requires health care providers to report sexual relations between an adult and a person younger than 14 to law enforcement or the Department of Child Protective Services. Not reporting such a sexual act is a misdemeanor.

The video shows the nurse stating that she did not hear how old “Brianna” was, even though “Brianna” clearly stated that she was thirteen. The nurse later states that she did not want to know how old “Brianna” was.

The nurse also advises “Brianna” on how to cover for the 31-year-old man by, among other things, saying that the father could be a boy in school. She tells “Brianna” that having sex with an adult would be statutory rape, and implies that “Brianna” should lie or her parents would find out about what happened. Clearly, the nurse had no intention of reporting statutory rape to the proper authorities as required under Indiana law.

The nurse then provides information on abortion clinics in neighboring Illinois to “Brianna.” Illinois does not enforce parental notification laws regarding abortion.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana suspended the nurse on the tape without pay.

Lila Rose is actually 20-years-old and a student at UCLA. She is the president of Live Action Films, a pro-life organization that is going into abortion clinics throughout the country to reveal illegal conduct. Planned Parenthood BEWARE!

See the Lila Rose video below:

Lila Rose Video