George and Laura Bush have bought a home in Preston Hollow, a suburb of Dallas, Texas. Read about it below.

There has been a lot of speculation about what President and Mrs. George W. Bush will do when he is no longer President. As the time draws near for a transfer of power in Washington, D.C., pretty much everyone thought the Bushes would head down to Crawford, Texas and President Bush would start hanging out with his father and former President Clinton doing whatever former Presidents do.

It appears that any hope Bush may have had of joining the former President’s club might be dashed since the Clintons are being put back in power in Washington. I imagine it’ll be a little harder for Bill Clinton to run with the Bushes with Hillary as Secretary of State and him a Junior Senator (maybe).

As it turns out, George and Laura Bush aren’t planning on going back to Crawford, Texas. At least not exclusively. Bush has bought a Preston Hollow, Texas home for them. Preston Hollow is a suburb of Dallas, Texas, which is their favorite city. While the elder Bushes, George H. W. and Barbara, prefer Houston, the younger Bushes prefer Dallas.

The future former First Couple have bought an 8,000 square foot home in the very exclusive Preston Hollow and will live there amongst the wealthiest people in Texas. And it being Texas, that’s saying something. But at least they got the home with their own money as opposed to a certain Chicago residence that was bought by a future President under very questionable circumstances. Laura Bush has confirmed that they will split their time between their new home in Preston Hollow and their Crawford Ranch.

Take a look at their new residence speculated to be 10141 Daria Place.

Preston Hollow – Video