Governor Ed Rendell fully supports Governor Janet Napolitano’s nomination for Secretary of Homeland Security in the upcoming Obama Administration. Sadly, he supports her because she has ‘no life’ rather then an impressive resume. Read more about it below, see photos and a video.

Fast Eddie. He’s often thought of as outspoken and candid. He definately has a gift of gab. Frankly, sometimes I think he’s refreshing. Even when he is in full blown spin, he doesn’t sound like it because he is so dang conversational.

Too conversational yesterday it seems.

What is it about open mic’s that politicians don’t seem to get? When chatting up the press at the National Governors Conference yesterday, it seems that Pennsylvania’s Democratic Govenor, Fast Eddie Rendell, stuck his foot firmly in his mouth.

He actually was voicing support for The One’s nomination of Arizona’s democratic governor Janet Napolitano as Secretary of Homeland Security. However, his definition of ‘perfect for the job’ seems to equal ‘no life.’ Check it out:

“Janet’s perfect for that job,�? Rendell says. “Because for that job, you have to have no life. Janet has no family. Perfect. She can devote, literally, 19, 20 hours a day to it.�?

Governor Janet Napolitano is a childless, single woman.

His press secretary Chuck Ardo is cleaning up the mess by saying that “Rendell meant no disrespect to Napolitano and would have made the same comment if the candidate was a man.�?

So either this was a gaffetastic, or in Governor Ed Rendell’s mind, not having a life really is a great compliment. How ever you choose to look at it, sexism in the Democratic Party is certainly alive, well and rampant.

Ed Rendell ‘Open Mic’ Video