After the Mumbai attacks, many Indian citizens are wondering why live broadcasts of events were allowed to air on publicly broadcasted television, possibly giving terrorists valuable information, and potentially leading to the deaths of police. has started a petition to the High Court of India regarding these live broadcasts. is reporting that Vishal Dadlani, a music composer, and Owen Roncon, head of an event management company and husband of politician Priya Dutt, have started to petition their government about the media’s conduct during the attacks of what has been coined 26/11.

Many citizens took notice of the arrival of ATS (Anti-Terrorist Squad) chief Hermant Karkare as he arrived on the scene live on television. They wonder if his appearance on television tipped off the terrorists about what targets were most important. Many are enraged by these irresponsible acts of the media.

It reminds this author of the Geraldo Rivera incident during the Gulf War. Don’t get me wrong, I love those live shots. It makes you feel like you are right there. Still, the safety of our soldiers or police should be our primary concern.

You can read and sign the petition by visiting this link.

Vishal Dadlani Video