Who says the media is in the tank for Obama? Amazingly, Obama is already working miracles well before his ascension to the Mount of American politics, just ask George Stephanopolous or the USA Today.

Snuffleufagus states:

President-elect Obama also said this week in a series of press conferences that he held Monday through Wednesday on the economy and laying out his economic team. You got to give him credit for one thing at least: ever since the leak of Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary at 3:00 last Friday, the Dow has gone up 17%, the S&P has gone up 19%. So at least there’s been a vote of confidence in the markets for president-elect Obama…And Black Friday, that’s exactly right, sales up three percent surprisingly on Black Friday. So, is this about the Obama economic team?


President-elect Barack Obama hasn’t even moved into the White House yet. But Wall Street is already showering him with praise for injecting confidence into the battered psyche of investors and working quickly to hatch a plan meant to jolt the economy out of its worst funk in decades.

A market that two weeks ago was desperate for political leadership and a clear strategy to repair the economy appears to have found it in Obama, who is fast emerging as a decisive economic commander in chief.

Stocks soared last week after Obama moved aggressively to fill the power vacuum until he’s sworn in and demonstrated his commitment to dig the USA out of its economic rut.

I’m not sure how the media explains today’s 700 point sell off, I’m sure it was Bush’s fault. However, giving credit to Obama for any positive economic news is just nonsense. The stock-market has just gone through the greatest post election sell off in history at near 1,100 points, yet Obama is credited with becoming a “decisive economic commander in chief”? I would suggest that the USAToday stick to their pretty graphs and shy away from economic and political analysis because that statement is perhaps one of the dumbest comments I’ve seen since Obama was elected. I think I’m beginning to see a pattern here, bad economic news means its the Bush Recession, but positive economic news is the “Obama Effect”.

This is a pattern you can expect to see for the next four years. When things blow up in Iraq or Iran or India, that will be because of Bush’s War on Terrorism. If the US manages to get out of the current recession (a big if), of course that will be because of Obama’s astute maneuvering and “decisive” economic leadership. When Social Security totally dissolves and goes bankrupt in 15 years, yep, blame it on Bush; but if the Yankees manage to win the World Series, well that is Obama’s doing as well.

The hope amongst conservatives is that at least if everything goes to Hell in the next four years Obama will get the blame and a new wave of Reagan Conservationism will sweep the nation. Think again, when the media is totally in the tank and has their sights set on you, you can bet the farm that Obama will receive none of the blame and Bush will get it all. It’s going to be a long 4 years guys, the only good news is that the New York Times and some of these other outlets could very well be out of business for the next election, at least we can hope.