Meet Larry Langford, Mayor of Birmingham, Alabama. He was arrested today on multiple corruption charges. Read about it below and see a video.

Larry Langford has been accused of a tangled web of deceit and corruption resulting in getting the Birmingham Mayor arrested. He was arrested by FBI agents today following a probe on corruption allegations having to do with sewer bond debt that could very possibly lead to the second municipal bankruptcy in the nations history. Birmingham, Alabama is struggling to deal with the sewer bond debt of $3.2 billion.

He and his co-conspirators were arrested on 101 counts of corruption related charges. Langford is charged with 60 counts of bribery, money laundering, conspiracy and filing false tax returns. Al LaPierre, a Lobbyist, and William Blount, an Investment Banker are also charged. The government is seeking $7.6 million in forfeiture for the men.

Langford, Blount and LaPierre were involved in a complicated pay to play scheme. More bankers and political players have been told they may be charged as this case unfolds.

Both LaPierre and Langford have pleaded no guilty and been released on $50,000 bonds. LaPierre’s bond is secured by property and Langford’s bond is a non-surety bond. Langford is forbidden by the courts to travel outside of the Northern District of Alabama without prior court approval.

Larry Langford Biography

Larry Paul Langford was born on March 17, 1948 in Birmingham, Alabama. He is 60-years-old. He attended grew up in the Loveman Village housing project in Titusville, Alabama and attended Parker High School. After high school he served in the United States Air Force for five years. He earned his bachelors degree from the University of Alabama in 1972. He was a reporter for WBRC television (Fox 6) during the 1970s and earned several awards for his investigative reporting. In 1982 he was hired as a public relations director for a Birmingham Budweiser distributor.

Langford started his political career when he was elected to the Birmingham City Council in 1977. He served three terms as Mayor of Fairfield from 1988 until 2000. He was elected to the Jefferson County Commission in 2002. He has held that position until his election as Mayor of Birmingham. He was sworn in as Mayor on November 13, 2007.

The democrat mayor has been nicknamed ‘Mayor La-La’ by his critics. He has courted controversy with expensive municipal projects. One such project was a $90 million Visionland amusement park he developed while he was Mayor of Fairfield. The Visionland debacle left Fairfield close to bankruptcy. He has also held prayer meetings and Bible studies for municipal and city hall workers, sent out declarations for days set aside for prayer on city letterhead and donned a ‘sackcloth’, bringing into question whether he was honoring the separation of Church and State. He ran afoul of the gay and lesbian community when he refused to sign a proclamation for the annual central Alabama Pride Parade. He stated that if he signed the proclamation it would appear that he condoned it and that he doesn’t. He also told the City Council that he was filing paperwork for Birmingham to host the 2020 Olympics … along with a $500,000 fee.

Most seriously has been the ongoing SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) investigation into bribery charges that resulted in his arrest today. These charges stem from his activities on the Jefferson County Commission.

Langford is married to the former Melva Ferguson. They have one son and two grandsons.

Larry Langford – Video