An Arkansas man and women are suing McDonalds after leaving a cell phone behind with pics of Tina Sherman. Those photos have now made their way onto the internet, BIG SHOCKER. See a photo here. See a video below.

Here is the story. Phillip Sherman left his cell phone at the McDonalds, but apparently called and was assured by employees that they would keep it safe until he could return and get the phone. Well guess what, the employees apparently did not keep their word. It is even reported that Tina Sherman received text messages from her husband’s cell phone while it was supposedly safe at McDonalds. The texts said “ I have seen your photos, and I like what I see.�?

The couple is suing McDonalds, or at least the local franchisee, for $3,000,000.00. If you can get that much for spilling coffee on yourself, why not for this? It is reported that the Shermans have suffered embarrassment and even had to move because of all this.

Ultimately, we have to ask ourselves why people continue to keep videos and photos on their portable media devices. If it’s not Adrienne Bailon, or Paris Hilton, now it’s even normal everyday people.

Photos: WENN