UPDATED with new information.

It seems the Obama’s have chosen the Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC for their daughters, Malia and Sasha, to attend while they are living in the White House. You can read more about Sidwell Friends, see great photos, and a video below.

UPDATED 1/5/09: Today, the Obama daughters, Malia and Sasha, began their first day at Sidwell Friends. Of course there was a gaggle of journalists camped out to capture the moment. There wasn’t much to see though, and knowing The One’s ability to stage a moment, this was most likely by design. School officials and the Obamas went about their business, without acknowledging the press contingent on the sidewalk.

Michelle Obama first dropped off Malia, 10, a fifth-grader, at Sidwell’s DC campus. Then the caravan of black SUVs headed to the school’s Bethesda site to drop off Sasha, 7, who is a second grader. They were flanked by Secret Service and school officials of course. It seems the Obama daughters will already have friends at the school, vice-president elect Joe Biden has grandchildren there.


The Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC is considered one of the best private schools in the city and was on the short list for the Obama’s consideration. In fact, the Obamas didn’t even pretend to consider public schools. It was, after all, where Chelsea Clinton attended and since so much of the Clinton Administration is being co-oped into hopechangery, why not the kids’ school too for gosh sakes? But who can really blame them with all of the security issues surrounding a First Family. Right?

The last White House child to go to public school was Amy Carter and it wasn’t exactly normal. She couldn’t go outdoors for recess and even the shortest of the Secret Service men couldn’t help being obvious. The Obama daughters – Malia age 10 and Sasha age 7 – are the youngest to move into the White House since the Kennedy children.

Sidwell Friends is actually a pre-K through 12 grade Quaker school of 1,100 students with tuition said to be upwards of $32,000 a year including fees. All the students attend Quaker ‘meetings’ for worship weekly. Academically, the program is geared to the mastery of basic language arts and mathematical skills and encourages individual creative expression. The school boasts famous alumni such as Chelsea Clinton as mentioned, Barney Frank, Charlie Gibson, Bill Nye that Science Guy, Charles Limbergh, the Nixon daughters, Julie and Tricia, Nancy Reagan and many others.

This was first posted on 11/21/08.

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