NGOs (Non-Governmental Units) in India may be taking tactics right out of the Obama play book by appealing to youth. (also offers youthful voters the opportunity to register to vote online. It is a call to get more of the 1 billion population of India to participate more in their elections. The Jaago Re campaign aims to “wake up�? campaign voters, which is what the name means. Read more and see the television commercial video below.


So far, almost 70,000 Indian citizens have taken advantage of registering through this system. You are able to keep track of your registration status online. This movement is now covering 35 cities in India. There are upcoming assembly elections in six states, though the movement hopes to make a bigger impact in the general election a year away. Indian people are looking for change too. They want their democracy to have a greater impact on their lives.

The slogan of the “Tata Tea” campaign is One Billion Votes. Jaagore registration is simple and easy. We hope Indian voters take advantage of this and help make a difference in Indian government.

Perhaps we could take a tactic out of their play book by allowing on-line voter registration to encourage more participation. Nonetheless, it is not at all certain how much that would really change voter turn out. Obama did create excitement and a shift in voter turn out. But overall voter turn out wasn’t much different than the last election here in America.

Jaagore Video