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Meet Crystal Gunns also known as Louisa Tuck. She currently is a teaching assistant at an elementary school in New Jersey. She also was a porn star appearing in a number of porn movies. You can read more about this situation below and see a video.

UPDATED 12/13/08: Crystal Gunns, porn star-turned-elementary school cafeteria worker and playground monitor, who is also know as Louisa Tuck resigned from her position this week after causing a legal uproar in a New Jersey school district. She submitted a one-sentence resignation to her employer saying she was leaving “in good standing.”


Crystal Gunns – who’s real name is Louisa C. Tuck – works with children at D’Ippolito Elementary School in Vineland, NJ. She helps on the playground and in the cafeteria. She also works at the local YMCA where some parents there called her ‘an excellent role model.’

Five years ago, she was starring in porn films and some in the community in which she works are not super happy about her past. The president of the area’s Board of Education says the ‘Crystal Gunns Porn’ connection is enough to fire Louisa Tuck. But the district’s Superintendent is on her side — suggesting that the district has been “advised against taking action,�? because they have no legal grounds to terminate an employee based solely on previous employment — even porn star employment. The parents in the community are also split — some want her fired and others take no issue with her porn star past.

And that porn star past? It’s been 5 years since she has done porn. Crystal Gunns, and her obvious assets, appeared in at least three adult-themed movies: ‘Busty Dildo Lovers #5′ in 2003, ‘Score Brabusters’ in 2002, and ‘Busty Dildo Lovers #2′, also in 2002. She also still appears to maintain an adult Web site at crystalgunns[dot]com. The front page features a login prompt for paying members. Nonetheless, finding photos or videos of her pornographic endeavors is easily enough accomplished with a simple google search however those results will be NSFW so take note!

Crystal Gunns, aka Louisa Tuck, really takes issue with the whole scuttlebutt saying that many current role models had questionable pasts.

“If this is about morality, our president-elect has admitted to doing crack, and he’s our president. Does that make him a bad person? Bill Clinton smoked pot. Does that make him a bad person?�? she asks.

And the school district that employs Ms. Tuck indicates it will “continue to look into the situation and determine options.�?

So what do you think? There is no indication whatsoever that she has been inappropriate with the children. Would you care if Louisa Tuck was an aide at your child’s school?

Crystal Gunns Video NSFW