Barack Obama is set to interview with 60 Minutes in his first post-election interview. Obama and his wife are scheduled to sit down with Steve Kroft on Friday in Chicago to tape the interview. It is scheduled to go on the air this Sunday. See video below.

Past interviews on 60 Minutes have been an enormous success. Last week’s interview with Obama’s transition staff drew over 18 million viewers. This interview will likely see quite a bit more than that. Sarah Palin has also been interviewed on NBC and Fox. It would appear that the American people are far from “over�? this election.

Certainly Obama will be asked about his plans for the economy, healthcare, energy, and even Iraq. They will discuss how much of his agenda Mr. Obama plans to tackle right away, and how much will need to be put off. They might even tackle taxes. However, Mr. Obama will dance around the questions, and we will probably come away knowing little more than we did the day before. Still, Americans love to see the person and how he handles the questions, which to his credit he does quite well.

I wonder if they’ll ask him about his socialist leanings, his civilian national security force, or how he plans to pay for all his wild ideas. I wonder if they’ll hammer him about raising taxes (regardless of who he raises taxes on), and what that will do to the already damaged economy. I doubt it. His buddies at CBS are going to be just jolly and cheery about their man. We will see a stark contrast from the interviews with our Republican candidates earlier this year. To be expected.

Obama Interview