This is Stu Rasmussen. He was recently elected as mayor of Silverton, Oregon – population 9,600 – for the third time. And yes, he is a man who enjoys dressing as a woman – he’s transgendered. Read more about him, see photos and a video below.

Silverton is a Willamette Valley farming community about 15 miles northeast of Salem, Oregon our state’s capital. Some in Silverton say Stu Rasmussen is the kind of woman who could stop traffic—and he knows it. From mini-skirts to black boots, Stu likes to dress for looks! Now Stu becomes our country’s first transgendered mayor.

It seems almost everyone in the town of Silverton knows Stu Rasmussen. He is the co-owner of the Palace Theater and has been involved in public service numerous times in the last 25 years — mayor for 2 previous terms, city council for 3 terms, the library board, and many other civic responsibilities. His previous terms as mayor were before he traded in his shirt and tie for breast implants and size 11 3-inch heels.

Stu says he has been a cross-dresser all his life, though he has only been out for the past 15 years. In the mid-1990’s he started getting his nails done and was soon going out in public dressed entirely in women’s attire. He had breast implants four years ago. There have been occasional snickers behind his back over the years, but for the most part Silverton embraced him as they always had—as one of their own and as a trusted leader.

The former software engineer calls himself a fiscal conservative and social liberal. He unseated the 16 year incumbent mayor 1,988 votes to 1,512. Because Stu’s appearance is no secret, it was policy issues that dominated the campaign. Stu says the voters did not focus on his appearance.

“My primary platform was low growth,” he said, referring to his support for keeping the town small. “We had other issues I thought were not being properly addressed.”

“It’s a rural community considered more conservative,” he said. “They judge people on talent and ability rather than their shape.”

“I am a dude,” he says simply. “I am a heterosexual male who appears to be a female. What I’ve done is blackmail-proof myself.”

Stu Rasmussen has spent nearly 30 years with his life partner, Victoria Sage who is ‘comfortable’ with his cross dressing. Though they have never married, Stu calls Victoria “the love of my life.”

Stu Rasmussen’s win comes in a strange year for transgender issues. It was just this past summer, Thomas Beatie, born female and now identifying herself as a transgender male, became the first reported “pregnant man,” giving birth to a daughter in July.

This is Oregon.

UPDATE: It seems transgendered Mayor Stu Rasmussen could be getting a Reality TV Show deal. Camera crews from Los Angeles rolled into Silverton, Oregon to film teasers, including a city council meeting, to pitch the idea to a variety of networks. Mayor Rasmussen thinks it could be a really good thing:

“I think it will be an interesting project if it comes together, but I think we have to be on top of this to make sure that it shows Silverton in the best possible light.”

Mayor Stu Rasmussen said he will not be paid for the preview. But should the Reality TV show go to production, he will get a percentage of the total production cost.

Stu Rasmussen is Transgendered Mayor Video