Live-blogging the 2008 Election: John McCain Winner Thread

Here is the 2008 presidential election open thread for John McCain supporters. In your optimistic world, he defeats Barack Obama in a historic upset, becoming the Harry Truman of our generation and the 44th president of the United States. So do not ask who won the presidential election. You already know the answer.

This is a live-blogging thread for your expected John McCain’s victory in the 2008 presidential election against Barack Obama. We do not predict victory or defeat, but you do which is why you are here today. And you are not the only one. Give us your comments as the election news unfolds on November 4th, 2008. Stay with us all day and celebrate as John McCain wins the election just as you hope. After all, it is in the bag is it not?

And if you are right, congratulations on clairvoyance and a lofty promotion to the esteemed ranks of pundit prognosticator. You deserve it.

Back to reality. Right Pundits will bring you state results and make the winning calls as the polls close in each state. As always, we will bring you the winner before the major news networks since their job is to keep you tuned in endlessly through each commercial break. Our job is to present the facts, which we will do as early as possible unedited.

So join as as we discuss the general election news on November 4th and voters elect a new president. John McCain wins the election, or so you hope. We heard it here from you first.

Update 1: McCain sues State of Virginia over absentee military ballots, calling for a time extension because ballots were mailed out late.

Update 2: More problems in Virginia. Voters dealing with wet ballots.

Update 3: College professor quits and stealing and vandalizing McCain yard signs.

Update 4: Results are coming in, bad for McCain. PA called for Obama, Virginia is close.

Update 5: Ohio and Pennsylvania are called for Obama. It is his night, and nothing will stop him.

Update 8: Sorry. Obama will exceed 300 electoral votes before the night is over. He picks up Florida, Virginia, Iowa, and probaby 4-5 other historically red states. McCain gave a good ride, but the economic tsunami was too much to overcome

Obama wins the presidency. McCain Loses.

2008 Election Results.

Virginia Returns:
McCain leads early returns 61-38% with 1% counted.

Florida Results:
Obama leads early returns in Florida.

John McCain Beats Obama (Video)