The following GI McCain video was voted best on YouTube. Watch it here and you’ll see why.

Dear Mr. Obama – Video

Dear Mr. Obama is a simple and direct video with a strong and powerful message. Its one American Soldier’s message to the Presidential candidate who has built his following by promising to get out of Iraq immediately (even though he says he’ll leave troops there indefinitely for peace keeping). This Soldier is very clear about his thoughts of what it would mean to follow the path in Iraq that Obama says he advocates.

The unlimited funds of the Barack Obama campaign have been able to buy a lot of glitz and glamor. Their spit and polished ads and presentations are flawless. The identical signs that his followers hold up in his rallies are designed by the best graphic design artists silicone valley offers. The productions are produced by the best of hollywood. His shows are spectacular.

And yet, this simple message done by a simple American hero carries the power of real life as opposed to a hollywood production. It tells a real story that people admire and respect. The fact it was voted best on YouTube belies what the polls are telling us. When it comes down to it, Americans understand the difference between a real hero and a hollywood fabrication.

Watch the video. Listen to his words. Learn the lesson he is teaching us.

“Dear Mr Obama having spent 12 months in Iraq theatre I can promise you it’s not a mistake.”

“When you call the Iraqi war a mistake you disrespect the service and sacrifice of everyone who has died promoting freedom … Because you do not understand or appreciate these principles Sir, I am supporting Senator John McCain for president.”

The Day We Lose Our Will to Fight
Is The Day We Lose
Our Freedom