Meet Zeituni Onyango, Barack Obama’s aunt from Kenya who was found living in a Boston slum. See her pictures and biography.

Blockbuster Update: She is an illegal alien who Obama knew was living in Boston illegally in defiance of a U.S. court order. In fact, she lived in a taxpayer-funded, public-housing project which “someone powerful” helped her secure illegally. Meanwhile the Obama campaign accepted illegal campaign donations from her.

She is the second Obama relative known to live on skid row. His own brother was found living in a cardboard shanty last month in Kenya, and now his aunt in a Boston slum just five miles from where Obama attended law school. She was found by British journalists in a dismal, run-down public housing project in a violent slum in south Boston. Details.

Perhaps surprisingly, Barack Obama has apparently not reached out to help his aunt or his brother. In fact, his charitable contributions for any altruistic purposes are terribly low for a rich man and a typical Christian household. We are guessing that Barack does not send the Christmas cards in his family.

As a biography, Zeituni Onyango is Barack Obama’s aunt from his father’s side. She is the daughter of Hussein Onyango Obama, who is Barack Obama’s grandfather in Kenya. She confirmed to the newspapers that she is the “Auntie Zeituni�? described in Obama’s book, born May 29, 1952. It is unknown if she entered the country legally.

Zeituni Onyango is now handicapped, unable to walk without a walker. Obama’s aunt lives alone, virtually penniless without any family support from relatives including Barack.

She refused all other questions from the reporters, saying “I can’t talk about it, I just pray for him, that’s all. After the 4th, I can talk to anyone.” Obama handler’s had already gotten to her, which means Barack is aware of her presence and continues to let her live in abject poverty in the USA.

One wonders what stories she might tell about her nephew.

Zeituni Onyango Photos