Here is the video of the new Obama ad which attacks Governor Sarah Palin. The Obama Palin Ad is running all over the airways, providing more evidence that she is making a startling political comeback against the good old boys.

Insiders in the Obama campaign had thought that the mainstream media succeeded in doing his dirty work in September. But as SNL skits and ambush interviews faded from voter memories, a curious thing happened on the campaign trail in the last two weeks leading to a strange response from Obama.

Sarah Palin and John McCain, with an assist from Joe the Plumber, have been relentlessly attacking Barack Obama as a pseudo-socialist. Obama’s idea of “wealth redistribution” has become front and center of the message, and nobody has been more effective at exploiting Obama’s weakness than Sarah Palin. The spotlight focused on Obama’s economics and tax policy has suddenly closed the polls to just 2-3 points.

Revealing a heavy dose of campaign anxiety, now we have a new attack on Sarah Palin but this time Obama’s fingerprints are all over it. It’s an official attack ad on the woman, sanctioned by Obama himself and is quite a risky political gambit. Even Hillary Clinton did not endure the wrath of Barack Obama or Joe Biden so forcefully. Woman, hear me roar.

The ad makes an invalid connection between “experience” and economic philosophy. Karl Marx had experience on economics, but he like Obama are just plain wrong about socialism’s virtues. Ronald Regan and FDR had no experience on the economy but were spectacular successes in office. Sarah Palin, on the other hand, has some extraordinarily useful experience in the energy sector and running a state’s economy. Obama has no experience. It is hard to see this ad as anything more than a non sequitur association and another sexist cheap shot.

See the video and transcript of the new Obama ad below.

Obama Palin Ad