Had a little problem this morning that was apparent to some people but not others depending on your browser configuration. Seems the homepage and other pages were giving blank pages unless you tried to load the page twice. I think it is fixed now, but report in comments otherwise (if you are able!). For the writers here the post review area was also blank, and our RSS feeds were not loading.

The culprit is the wp-cache plugin which is supposed to help load pages faster, but it does come with some dangers. The fix was easy and the admin GUI provides it — just clear the cache and restore default settings. Might also have to delete all files in the wp-content/cache/ directory, but I didn’t bother with it.

More details at WordPress.

This post offered in case it helps another blogger with the same problem. We use wp-cache 2.0.17 and WordPress 2.0.5.

The problem returned and couldn’t get rid of it this time. After doing some research elsewhere and re-reading the thread link above, I’ve learned that wp-cache does not work “out of the box” with php5. You have to make a change to a config file that is not accessible through the GUI. And at my hosting company, Dreamhost, the one-click install defaults to php5 so anyone trying to use the wp-cache plugin as-is can potentially run into this problem.

The relevant part from the thread, thanks to Arnee:

you have to edit the wp-cache-phase2.php. Search for “ob_end_clean()” and replace it with “ob_end_flush()”.

The problem and fix are also documented here.

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