When Barbara West asked the following of Joe Biden the other day, I realized I might be a bit confused about the Chosen One’s plans for our country.

WEST: You may recognize this famous quote: “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” That’s from Karl Marx. How is Senator Obama not being a Marxist if he intends to spread the wealth around?

As some of you are aware, I’m a Southerner, recovering Democrat, older, cantankerous broad rather set in my ways. First and foremost I am a mother and grandmother, and as such, spent this whole weekend trying to understand exactly what Obama’s plan includes and how he plans on implementing it? I came up with no answers and thought, “I’ll just toss it out to the widely varied masses that inhabit Right Pundits and perhaps y’all can ‘splain it to me”. Maybe I will vote for Obama. Or maybe I missed something and will stay with McCain/Palin.

The way I understand the O plan, the working poor will get a break … finally. Or, maybe they will just keep sliding down on the food chain. This is where my point of confusion begins.

My 3 children, in their late 30’s, early 40’s, would have fallen into the all American hard working middle class category a year ago. Right now I lump them in with the working poor due to the following.

Sue, married 26 years to Charles, one daughter 24 in college, has worked for years at a job she loves … training animals. She draws a salary as well as a commission. Charles worked 24 years at the same company. Their daughter works to help pay her way through college. They bought their first home almost 2 years ago. Shortly after that purchase, Charles’ company left the state of Michigan (seems to be the thing to do here) leaving behind 53 long term workers … after negotiating with their employees to give up their health insurance, take a major pay cut and finally surrender their pension plans. Fifty-three people were left with nothing. Charles decided to go back to school and pursue a medical career while drawing unemployment. Sue tries to make sure the mortgage gets paid on time along with other bills and it’s very difficult, but so far, they have survived.

Marie, married 10 years to Bruce, 2 children, 5 and 6 years old (both with Autism), has been with the same company almost 21 years. Bruce, while not a stay at home dad (his former employer gives him work when he can) takes care of the children. Marie has health insurance through her company and has to maintain a minimum 36 hour work week to keep the insurance. She bought her first home 4 years ago … and her hours were just cut to 30 a week, meaning she now has to use her vacation hours to make up the difference in order to maintain her income and health insurance.

George, married 5 years to Rae, has a 4 year old daughter and 11 year old stepson. He was with his company 18 years. He built his first home 4 years ago, and Rae lost her job 2 years ago. He was laid off with very little warning in April of this year, and has returned to school for his teaching certificate. He recently found a minimum wage, part time job in the worst part of town, so he can keep up with his mortgage. Rae recently found an entry level position at a company that may or may not be in business next year.

The only help they have obtained is unemployment benefits, and they are rapidly running out. In other words, they are struggling to survive, as are so very many others.

What I’m wondering, though, is will they fall into the category that Obama wants to help? Will they be qualified to take some of your money and benefits? Will this help them move up the food chain again, while you slide down a notch and it isn’t going to bother you a bit? Even though you might be struggling with your own mortgage and high utility bills? Or ….

Since they are not at the absolute bottom of the food chain YET, will they have to part with what they have left to help the family across town, the family with 7 kids by eleventeen dads and 9 of those dads are in prison?

Can you understand my confusion? As a mom, I want life easier for my family, but for some reason, I can’t help but feel taking someone else’s piece of pie without them volunteering to hand it over is wrong …..

And for someone to steal their very last piece of pie is equally wrong …..

Oh what to do! What to think! How to vote?

My goodness, everything right now is about as clear as mud.