New York Magazine declares Obama the winner in its upcoming edition. I thought the election was next week, but apparently its already a done deal. Check out the story below.

As you can see from the current cover of New York Magazine, Barack Obama has already won the election. The declaration of his win is in big letters across a Presidential looking photo of Barack Obama: January 20th 2009* Then in small text it reads: What an Obama presidency would look like. Then in even smaller text next to an asterisk it reads: *if current projections hold.

And its still eight days before the election.

It would appear that the old media is working very hard at discouraging any McCain supporters from bothering to going to the polls. I think they underestimate us.

And inside, the article is just as impressively presumptuous as the cover of the magazine.

But as the outcome of the race has begun to seem more certain with each passing day—with Obama’s lead in the polls healthy and showing few signs of diminishing, with John McCain’s campaign listing aimlessly and lapsing into rank self-parody, with Sarah Palin devolving into a human punch line—Democrats are slowly, haltingly allowing themselves to believe that victory is truly within their grasp, and hence to contemplate what comes next. Transition. Inauguration. Those first hundred days. Maybe even, perchance, with augmented majorities for the party in both the House and Senate all but in the bag, the dawning of a spanking-new era of Democratic dominion.

They have not only started to contemplate what comes next, they have apparently started preparing for it. The democrats are gleefully planning on having a super majority in the Senate and House and are already spending our money by the hundreds of billions of dollars. Obama is reported to be putting together his cabinet, his transition team and has already reserved a stadium for a celebration of his win. I wonder if that will include Greek columns and if anyone will analysis how much he and Michelle Obama have spent on their clothes, hair and accessories for the party.

This whole thing reminds me of something …..

Oh, I remember. The headline ‘Dewey Defeats Truman’ that came out the morning that Truman won the Presidency. That premature headline became a joke. I wonder if New York Magazine’s John Heileman ever saw that headline.