Its being reporting that Iranian President Ahmadinejad is sick. There are conflicting reports about the nature of his illness. Read about it below and see a video of Ahmadinejad declaring there are no homosexuals in Iran.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has fallen ill. The official word from the Iranian propaganda news agency is that he is just suffering from exhaustion because he’s been working 20 hours a day. Its been reported that he says he’s just got a cold and that as human beings, we do get colds. His enemies, of which he has many, are saying that its more serious. They are hoping saying that he won’t be able to fulfill his duties as President of Iran and certainly won’t be well enough to run for a second term.

All of Iran’s previous presidents (except the first one who was sent into exile) have been reelected. That’s what happens when ‘the state’ counts the votes, don’t ya know.

There are photos of the rouge leader of Iran having to be helped into his car and held up by his bodyguards. He’s only 53-years-old and has by history been healthy. One wonders if one of his numerous enemies has gotten to him one way or the other. That might be too much to hope for.

As you probably remember. Ahmadinejad has defied U.N. mandates to stop his uranium development and been sanctioned for his actions at least three times by the United Nations. On one hand he says the uranium is just for domestic use. On the other hand, he happily tells us that he plans on destroying the United States (the big Satan) and destroying Israel (the little Satan). He has said that each time he has spoken at the U.N. over the last couple of years and when he spoke at the invitation of that bastion of higher learning, Columbia University, a couple of years ago. The liberals seem to think its oh-so-cool to invite him to speak, yet don’t seem to take his threats seriously. He just smiles and continues to develop uranium.

He obviously can’t be deathly ill, seeing as he has made it clear that its his vision to usher in the return of the 12th Iman and see islam dominate the world.

Whatever the case, we’ll keep you informed.

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