Is Saturday Night Live experiencing “Palin Skit Fatigue?” If so, their skit called ‘The Barack Obama Variety Half-Hour’ was fun and filled with all of Obama’s ‘friends’ including, Reverend Wright, Bill Clinton, and unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers. Senator Joe Biden, his running mate, had his own skit last night too. Read more about it and watch both skits below.

Last night on Saturday Night Live, we saw a fun glimpse into the confidence of the Obama campaign with just 9 days left until our Presidential election. Guest Maya Rudolph (I’ve missed her!) as Michelle Obama and Fred Armisen as Barack Obama pitched to America “The Barack Obama Variety Half-Hour” singing “Solid as Barack” with guests like Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton, the ghost of President Kennedy, and Joe Biden.

There were spoofs of Nancy Pelosi and a couple of her House minions, and the Reverend Jeremiah Wright along with William Ayers singing “White Devils Be Crazy�? parodying Gnarls Barkley which was indeed my favorite part.

SNL also had some fun at Senator Joe Biden and Congressman John Murtha’s gaffes of recent days. Based on the premise that Joe Biden is “attempting to blow the election for Sen. Obama,” the skit was cute but a bit long. Jason Sudeikis played a good Joe Biden and Darrell Hammond as a hilarious John Murtha.

You can watch both of the Saturday Night Live skits below.

SNL ‘The Barack Obama Variety Half-Hour’ Skit Video

‘SNL: Senator Biden and Rep. Murtha say crazy things skit’ Video

Photo: WENN