Jeri Thompson appeared on Hannity & Colmes on October 23rd and smacked down Alan Colmes. Read about it below and see photos and the video below.

Jeri Thompson has to know what Sarah Palin is going through. After all, Jeri went through much the same thing when her husband, Fred Thompson, was running for President. Thompson was portrayed in the democratic propaganda arm, the main stream media, as ‘dumb’, a ‘trophy wife’, ‘not too bright’, ‘too sexy’, ‘too hot’ and ‘obviously Thompson didn’t marry her for the conversation’. They even demeaned her for having big boobs. I kid you not.

When Jeri Thompson appeared on Hannity and Colmes the other day, she proved that she was anything BUT the stereotype she had been painted to be. She was a fantastic spokesperson for the cause she was there to promote, namely, in support of the McCain-Palin ticket and in defense of Sarah Palin. Thompson was promoting Team Sarah. She is one of a group of women who host the website that facilitates the online support of Palin for Vice President.

Its perplexing why the far left has so many issues with attractive, smart women. I try to figure it out sometimes, but I always come back to the same thing. They just don’t know what to do with women who are both smart and attractive. Most people who are conservative, libertarian or centrists have evolved to the point that they understand that ‘attractive woman’ and ‘smart’ are not mutually exclusive. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be true for the fringe left.

That’s one of the reasons it was so enjoyable to watch the very attractive attorney Jeri Thompson deliver a smart snark that had to leave a mark on Colmes. It was so good that some people are thinking she might make a great Senator herself one day.

I’ve included the Jeri Thompson Alan Colmes smack down below because it is just too much fun to watch. Watch it over and over again if you want to. That’s really okay and you don’t have to feel guilty about enjoying it for even a nanosecond.

Jeri Thompson on Hannity and Colmes – Video