Here is the evidence of Barack Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham Obama, in vintage nude photos from the 1960s. See the pictures, sources and commentary here. The story is culturally interesting to be sure, although it will not have any impact on the presidential race. They appear to be quite authentic yet we realize readers will want to review and judge for themselves and that anything is possible in a season of dirty campaign tricks.

Obama Mother

Obama’s Mom Nude

The poses are tastefully done in what might be called artistic photos in which the photographer favors her butt. Obama’s mom is apparently wearing comically high heels for that time period, with a simple necklace and little makeup. The pics were reportedly located on a porno site whose name is evident on one of them, the “Free Vintage Porn” Whatchamacallit site. The origin is from a blogger who worked on a tip from a convincing insider.

It is oddly speculated that Frank Marshall Davis took the pictures, an acquaintance of Mrs. Dunham when she was married, but we cannot possibly verify that he is the one (deceased now) and that sounds like partisan nonsense to us. He was a photographer among other literary pursuits as a Marxist organizer of some note in Hawaii.

What we can say is that the photo session does appear to be authentic. If you carefully compare the known Stanley Ann Dunham photos with the naked versions, you can see unmistakable signs. The eyes are the same with the unusual eyebrows above. Her long cheek bone lines are similar as is the angle of her ears. Her nose is upturned in a French fashion while her mouth is petite and heart shaped cutely and her neck lines are the same. And nobody photoshops three images when one will do just fine.

Obama motherObama Mother scandal 99
Side-by-Side Comparison of Obama Mom Photos
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Our Right Pundits editors had a healthy debate about whether or not to publish about pictures of Obama’s nude mom. We do not publish naked images uncensored but the story in my view is obviously newsworthy. In making this decision, we apply the same standards as the New York Times. If Cindy McCain’s addiction and Nancy Reagan’s fortune telling and the Bush Twins partying are newsworthy items, which they are, surely reports on the risque mom of a U.S. president is equally newsworthy.

Especially in Hawaii in the 1950’s and 1960’s. During the Joe McCarthy era when interracial dating was still taboo in many of The States, Obama’s mom was apparently known for a rebellious streak. She eventually gave him up to the grandparents when he was ten years old, but little is spoken about this period of Obama’s life except in whispers.

The next question is does this matter. We think not. Barack Obama had an unusual childhood which exposed him to unusual circumstances, including mosque in Indonesia and a free-spirited mother who was seemingly drawn to interesting men. He has been on a self-described lifelong journey of “personal discovery” ever since. He is clearly a product of his past as we all are, but he has overcome these obstacles to achieve the American dream and sit one hair away from the presidency.

And in many ways, Barack Obama’s mother is emblematic of 21st century liberated women, free to pursue careers in pantsuits or become sex kittens as they choose. Obama’s mother chose her own path and never looked back. She was a trailblazer who engaged in interracial marrying (twice!) when nobody else was brave, gave her child up essentially to adoption, and experimented in all sorts of things that would become commonplace among flower children within 20 years. She fled back to Indonesia in 1977 while abandoning Barack.

The Obama campaign did not respond to a request for comment on this article.

As a brief update, a gentle suggestion is that some of our visitors move into the 21st century. American culture in on a 2,000 year quest to finally catch up with the Greeks, when nudity was commonplace and non-controversial. Even the goddesses were depicted nude, while the wives of the ruling class were pridefully sculpted topless. The nation will survive Obama’s mom posing nude, yet here I find liberal readers sounding like John Ashcroft. Gawker Media, a liberal-leaning yet respected media giant beat us to this story. Explain why it matters at all.

See much more of Obama’s mother below, which you can blow up and compare for yourself.

Barack Obama MotherBarack Obama Mom 1Barack Obama Mother 1Obama mother
Known Pictures of Obama’s Mom