Surprise, surprise.

The latest AP poll has the race as a statistical tie with less than two weeks to go.

According to the AP poll released this earlier morning, the race is this close:

Barack Obama: 44%
John McCain: 43%

The margin of error is 3.5%, so according to this poll, McCain might actually be ahead in the presidential election. Also, 13% are still undecided, indicating the race might still swing wildly in the next few days.

AP is not the only poll to have the race as a statistical tie. GWU/Battleground polling has the race this close:

Barack Obama: 49%
John McCain: 47%

The margin of error is 3% on this poll.

Of course, a bunch of other polls have Obama ahead by 5 to 14%, so right now there’s no telling who’s ahead or behind by how much.

Who’s right? Clearly, some polls are way off, and some will look awfully smart on election day. But those who declared the race to be over should try not to look so smug the next couple of weeks.

McCain just might pull this off the biggest upset since Harry Truman shocked Dewey.