When the citizens of the city of San Francisco go to the polls next month, they’ll be able to decide whether or not to legalize prostitution. Read about it below and enjoy the video.

Proposition K will be on the ballot in San Francisco next month. The proposition is to decriminalize prostitution. They can’t really legalize it, because its illegal in the state of California. Its really geared towards stopping the local law enforcement officials from targeting prostitutes. The street walkers of the city will no longer have to hide in the shadows and will be able to ply their trade in public without risking being arrested.

Two U.S. states have legalized prostitution. In Nevada, brothels are legal, but not street walkers. In Rhode Island, prostitution is legal ‘behind closed doors between consenting adults’, but not street walkers or brothels. Go figure.

This law is being supported by San Francisco democrats. I know that comes as a shock. Their point is that its a victimless crime and that the city spends too much money arresting and prosecuting prostitutes. As if paying for Nancy Pelosi’s plastic surgery isn’t expensive enough!

On the other hand, those who oppose the legalization of hookers claim that its not a victimless crime. They point out the coercion and and force used in the sex trafficking trade, for example. They also worry that decriminalizing prostitution will make San Francisco a magnet for prostitutes, johns, pimps, madams and all types of other undesirables.

Yeah, San Francisco is known as a bastion of sexual repression and conservationism. I’m sure it would be shocking and appalling to have prostitutes on the streets there. Not like they don’t already have the Folsom Street Fair and a reputation for having an attitude of anything goes.

San Francisco is just considering returning to its roots of the old Gold Rush days when women were brought there to service the needs of the rough and tumble, stinking, toothless fortune hunters that inhabited the area in the heady wild west days of the city’s formative years.