Another spoof video, only this time it won’t be Tina Fey. The original king of parody, Larry Flynt, is up to his old tricks as Hustler prepares to complete and release a porn video featuring a faux Sarah Palin played by Lisa Ann (see below). Rumor has it that a faux Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice will also appear in the video. This is where it gets really ugly (I kid, I joke). In the video, the spoof Palin seeks “friendlier�? relations with Russians, and encounters a creationist professor.

TMZ released new details about the flick.

There is expected to be some outrage about this video. The question is, will we see this go to court? My guess is probably not. Been there, done that with Mr. Flynt. He may be sick, perverted, and numerous other things, but these types of things have been protected by the supreme court since the Jerry Falwell case. I don’t think this would fly in England though.

See video below.

Nailin Palin Video

Hat tip to Huffington Post.