Hollywood has once again received a lesson in how out of touch it is with America. Oliver Stone’s latest “I hate America” flick “W.” starring Josh Brolin as President George W. Bush tanked, coming in fourth place at the box office. Though it was clear that he intended this film to influence the upcoming election – why else would he have chosen now to release it – he was very misguided.

Fact is, whether you love or hate George W. Bush, he is a sitting president during a time of war. The American public does not want to see their president undermined while his administration is still active. You can hate the president, but you still must respect the Office. Stone has proven he does not respect the Office, the president, America or its people.

Max Payne, starring Mark Whalberg came in first with over $18M. Beverly Hills Chihuahua was second, despite being open for more than two weeks, and Secret Life of Bees was in third. W. came in at just over $10M – disgraceful for an Oliver Stone film.

Will Hollywood ever learn?