For those of you who have been following this blog for any length of time probably know my take on things politically speaking. I was never a big McCain supporter, as many of you know during the primaries I was a Romney man for various reasons. In fact, I’m pretty sure that I wrote at the time that if McCain wins the nomination, I would almost certainly not vote for him. I was fairly dogmatic in my non-support for McCain because I felt he had betrayed Conservatism and at the time felt that it would be almost worse for the GOP if McCain won, because that might prove to be a permanent shift in the politics of the the Republican Party. Namely, I thought, and part of me still thinks, that this might represent a move to much more centrist Republican outlook that would be to the detriment of Conservatism. If McCain does win, I’m sure I’ll disagree with him fairly often, and I do worry about a shift away from Reagan Conservatism. I am a Conservative first and a Republican second. However, I am an American above all.

However, with that said, I must say what a strange election season this has been. My position has slowly evolved over time, but mostly I am extremely worried about an Obama victory. So worried, that for the first time ever I actually volunteered for a campaign. I went down the the McCain headquarters today and walked some neighborhood and made some phone calls. It was an interesting experience and actually quite rewarding. It feels good to at least be doing my part. Even if McCain loses, I can at least say that I did all I could to help him win. I will continue to put in as many hours as I possibly can between now and election day and I would call upon everyone who has the time to do so as well.

What Is Volunteering Entail?

Maybe you are scared because you have never done it before. I can tell you that I was a bit nervous about calling and talking with perfect strangers. It is actually quite easy. They will have a script for you and mostly you are calling registered Republicans to ask them to support Sen. McCain this fall. Each phone call only lasts a minute or two, and most people are friendly (although a few hung up on me). If you really feel ambitious, you can go walk door to door. This is a bit more intimidating, but I had several interesting conversations with people today, and the weather was great. If you have kids, take them with you, the office will probably have a little play center, the one here did. Actually, you can make calls from your house as well, just do it in your spare time. I encourage everyone (except liberals, you guys can stay home and keep your parents basements warm playing World of Warcraft) to get out and help make victory possible.

Also, tomorrow McCain is making a campaign appearance here in St. Louis. I was able to score some VIP tickets to the event, so I will be doing my best to live-blog it. At the very least I will snap some pics and write about it when I get back to the office.