Barack Obama is exuding confidence and has already begun taking steps in preparation for what he is sure will be his ascension to the Presidency of …. the world. Read all about it below.

Most of us thought that there would be an election on November 4th and that the people of the United States would decide, through said election, who would be our next President. Throughout the history of our Republic, we have had a government that has been decided by the people. Elections have been held and we have had peaceful transitions of power resulting from those elections. Time after time.

This time, however, it seems that Barack Obama has already decided the results of the election. He has decided that he will be our next President. More than that really. Apparently, he has decided that he will be President of the World. I didn’t even know there was such a position. But apparently there is because Obama vows to ‘change the world.’

The man is planning his redesigns of the White House and setting up his cabinet already. Which includes John Kerry as Secretary of State, I might add. If that doesn’t send shivers up your spine, I don’t know what will.

Why wouldn’t he be ‘preternaturally confident’? He’s got it wrapped up. He hasn’t had to explain anything. Not his relationships with the terrorist William Ayers, how he sat in a Black Liberation Theology church for 20 years without hearing the Reverend Jeremiah Wright declare his hatred for America or his relationship with the likes of Louis Farrakhan. He can declare that his wife’s statements are off limits and demand that the press leave her out of it while his people attack the family members of his opponents. Then, of course, there’s the added certainty of he’s bought and paid for from ACORN and all the Disney characters and dead Americans they have registered to vote for him. And lets not forget his unlimited funding that is paying for the television commercials that seem to be on a continuous loop so that the people can see and hear him constantly. Do you think there’s some kind of hypnotic thing going on with that?

Since in his mind, he has the election wrapped up, why stop at just changing America? Why not change the world?

I’m not at all sure how the rest of the world feels about that, but that is apparently his plan. He doesn’t describe the changes he plans on making … and that is of some concern.

We have been a nation of self reliance, personal responsibility and individualism. Obama seems intent on doing away with those aspects of our culture.

We’ve gotten a bit of a glimpse at some of the changes he has in mind. All one needs do is look at the thuggery used to silence opposition. Take for example his Marxist comments to the man who has become known as ‘Joe the Plumber’ stating he would ‘spread the wealth’ and then the subsequent character assassination against Joe Wurzelbacher.

Then there is the horrific attacks they have made on Governor Sarah Palin. The attacks on her character have been despicable and inexcusable. Just yesterday the Old Grey Lady did a smear piece on Cindy McCain that would put the National Enquirer to shame. The author of that nasty little bit of yellow journalism did her research on the Facebook pages of the friends of McCain’s youngest daughter.

Other examples can be seen in the absence of any attempt on his part to quiet his ‘supporters’ who both physically and verbally attack anyone who has not fallen under the Obamessiah’s spell. Not to mention slinging racial slurs at anyone driving in a car with a McCain – Palin bumper sticker, wearing a t-shirt or pin supporting McCain.

The message is quite clear. No dissent allowed.

You will be quiet. You will submit. If you don’t, you will be destroyed.