If you are pro-life and an undecided Christian voter, you are being courted by both the right and the left in election 2008. Read more about it below and watch a compelling video.

Senator Barack Obama is the most radical pro-abortion and infanticide candidate this country has known in over 35 years. Right Pundits has well documented his extreme position here, here, and here. Others have documented Obama’s abortion position as well including that of the brutal partial birth abortion procedure.

One of Barack Obama’s more visible pro-life apologists is Doug Kmiec, a noted Catholic law professor and former legal counsel in the Reagan administration. It seems unacceptable and incongruent to me that he endorses such a candidate who undervalues the most vulnerable of all human life. Yet Kmiec supports an Obama presidency as do others who say they are pro-life.

Take Erin Griffin, a graduate student at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, who says:

“On a religious level, I feel called to vote for a candidate that will help the poor and less fortunate and have the best interests of these people in our society,” Griffin added. “That person is definitely Obama.

Still others are uncommitted with just 13 days left until Election Day, a sure sign that religious voters haven’t yet made their decision to vote for one candidate or another based on social issues–mainly abortion, gay marriage, character and the candidate’s own religious background.

Lauren Teel, a sophomore at Howard Payne University in Brownwood, Texas, outwardly supports Obama on a conservative Baptist campus–and inwardly is still undecided about who she will vote for.

“Right now, I have an Obama bumper sticker on my car at my Christian school,” Teel said. “That’s no guarantee that I’ll vote for him, but it encourages educational dialogue and debate when people make comments.”

The goal of the following video is to give American citizens a solid grasp of where Senators McCain and Obama really stand on the life issue, using their own words.

America’s Choice 2008 Video

Though I am not a one-issue voter, I am unashamedly Pro-Life and believe millions of wee lives depend on our election-day decisions. Over 35 years of hard won pro-life battles could be reversed if voters remain uninformed — especially The Freedom of Choice Act (the ban on partial birth abortion) of which Obama has promised to overturn. Don’t let that happen.

Choose Life. Vote Life.