This morning, Senator John McCain called into the Don Imus Show to mix it up a bit… just like old times. He seemed to have alot of fun with Imus but also defended running mate Sarah Palin against her ‘elitist critics.’ Read more about it, see photos and a video below.

Senator John McCain was pretty animated this morning when question by Don Imus on his radio show about running mate Governor Sarah Palin’s qualifications. McCain vigorously defended Palin as “the most qualified” vice presidential candidate in recent years citing her experience as a small-town mayor and Alaska governor.

“My question is, what’s their problem?” asked McCain, responding to an Imus question about the recent criticisms of Palin from former Secretary of State Colin Powell and some other Republicans.

McCain made it very clear to Imus how he felt about Palin and all her critics:

“Which is better, serve 35 years in the United States Senate and say you got to divide Iraq into three different countries — or is it better to have been governor of a state and a reformer who gave people their tax dollars back?” referring to Senator Joe Biden’s goofy 2006 op-ed arguing that Iraq be divided into three largely autonomous regions with a Baghdad-based “central government in charge of common interests.’

“Which is better?” he asked. “I think its pretty obvious … she hasn’t been in the Georgetown cocktail party, or maybe some in Manhattan. I think she’s most qualified of any that has run recently for vice president, tell you the truth, and she has ignited our crowds.”

“I am frankly entertained at the elitist attitude towards … a person who’s a proven leader,” McCain concluded.

That pretty much says it all doesn’t it? You can listen to the full interview by going here.

John McCain ‘Is Palin a plus or a drag on McCain?’ Video