The life of abuse and horrific death of Nixzmary Brown captured that attention and grief of the people of New York City. She was murdered in January 2006 and now her mother has finally been convicted of her murder. Read about the trial of the mother and see a memorial video for the child below.

In March, 2008, Cesar Rodriguez was found guilty of manslaughter for the death of his 7 year step daughter, Nixzmary Brown. Today, after deliberating 3 days, a Brooklyn, New York jury convicted Nixzaliz Santiago, a complete and total waste of a good womb and has the audacity to call herself “Mother�?, of manslaughter. The ‘mother’ was acquitted of murder, as was Cesar Rodriguez. Both were found guilty of ‘manslaughter’, along with lesser counts of assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

Cesar Rodriguez received 29 years (which he likely won’t serve very many of) Ms. Santiago faces 33 years.

In my view, these findings fall in the same category of OJ Simpson being acquitted of murder or the Jackson, Michigan man, Kirk Coleman, being convicted of ATTEMPTED child abuse for the brutal rape, beating and permanent brain damage of his 3 month old daughter this past summer.

Nixzmary Brown’s horrific ordeal threw New York City residents into a rage against Child Protective Services. The state has been vigorously working toward a major overhaul within the system. They still have a ways to go.

Nixzmary, 7 years old, and 36 pounds, was portrayed as a violent and uncontrollable “little Houdini�? — a reference to her supposed knack at slipping out of the makeshift restraints devised by her parents.

Crime scene photos from the room where Nixzmary Brown was bound to a chair, starved and forced to urinate in a litter box were shown to the jury. Statements by Rodriguez “Sometimes she’d get me real angry, and I used to just throw her on the floor. She was always lying to me about everything�? were presented as evidence, in prosecutor Ama Dwimoh’s attempt at a murder conviction.

Defense attorney, Kathleen Mullin said Ms. Santiago was a loving but overworked mother caring for five other children, and was afraid of her husband. I find this defense offensive. Had she been afraid of breaking the laws against child abuse and murder, Nixzmary would still be here. Real mother’s put their children first. Real mother’s would give their lives to save a child. Theirs, yours or mine. Nixzaliz Santiago was just one of the current crop of breeding women that had to constantly have a man, any man in her life.

This woman did breed. Nixzmary wasn’t her only child. Of the five remaining children, one son is living with his biological dad. The 4 other siblings are in a foster care, but together.

Maria Gonzales, the maternal grandmother is seeking custody of all the children. She is also suing New York City for her granddaughter’s death. Yep … blame the city for your daughter’s inability to keep her damn legs closed. And the city will likely pay out a huge sum … its easier to blame the system, than the people.

Santiago’s sentencing date is set for November 5th.

The Murder of Nixzmary Brown

Nixzmary Brown was born on July 18, 1998 and was brutally murdered when she was just 7-years-old on January 11, 2006. She lived and died in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York City, New York. She was one of six siblings in her family.

Little Nixzmary was beaten to death following her allegedly ‘stealing’ yogurt out of the family refrigerator. She was badly malnourished, weighing just 36 pounds. During her life she had been beaten, sexually abused, tied to a chair with cords and duck tape. The chair was tied to a radiator in a dirty and cluttered room which also contained a jar with a human fetus in it. The child was made to use a litter box for her bathroom.

School authorities had reported suspected abuse of the child on at least two previous occasions in the years before her murder.

On the night of her death, her head was slammed against a bathtub while she was held under a cold shower. She was left on the floor to die, shivering and moaning. Each of her parents blamed the child for the abuse and blamed the other parent for delivering the death blow.

Her death was the catalyst for a public outcry against the city’s Administration for Children’s Services. It came to light that the bureaucratic offices set up to protect children had a file on the abuse this child had been subjected to and had failed to remove her from the abusive situation she was living in. The result of this was the public demanding reforms within the system.

Not long after this child’s death ‘Nixzmary’s Law‘ was passed into law in New York. The law allowed for first degree murder charges against parents who murder their children. The law closes loopholes that these parents might slip through and mandates sentencing.

The bill (S.675A) is named after Nixzmary Brown, a seven-year-old Brooklyn girl who was brutally beaten and left for dead last year. Her mother and stepfather were charged with her murder. This legislation would create the crime of aggravated murder of a child and mandate a sentence of life without parole for the parent, guardian or other person in a position of trust, who abuses and tortures a child under the age of 14, causing the death of the child or intentionally causes the death of a child.

Another result of the outrage over Nixzmary’s murder is an increased awareness child abuse and an increase in the number of child abuse cases being reported in the area.

Nixzmary Brown – Video
Memorial Video for Nixzmary Brown