So this is what it has come down to. I was terribly afraid this would happen. A girl in New Smyrna Beach, Florida wore a McCain/Palin T shirt and was called a “racist” by several of her middle school classmates. She was also accused of only supporting the “white man.”

I believe it is long overdue for our country to run an African American person or a woman for the office of the Presidency. I was concerned, however, that a run by an African-American Democrat would wind up being a test of skin color instead of a test of the person’s policies. We all know what would happen to a Republican African-American who decided to run for office. Condi Rice was called a house n*** by a prominent cartoonist, Mike Steele, was called an “Uncle Tom” by the Maryland Senate President while running for Lt. Governor, and Supreme Court Justice Thomas is still called “stupid.”

A democrat African-American, however, can do no wrong. And unfortunately, my prediction has turned out to be correct, at least in one classroom in Florida. My sister lives in New Smyrna Beach (Yes, I have family EVERYWHERE!). This is NASCAR country, folks. It is a stone’s throw from the Daytona 500 speedway and the local pediatrics ward where my sister works is sponsored by NASCAR, which comes complete with a wall full of NACSAR autographs – including the late Dale Earnhardt. If this kind of behavior is being displayed by middle school children in the heartland, I dread what would happen if someone wore such a shirt to school in the heart of Chicago, or LA, or Philly. We all remember the Washington DC school who cheered when Reagan was shot? These kids learn this stuff from their parents.

The young lady was a volunteer at a local McCain headquarters, and the volunteers there gave her the shirt. To her credit, she wants to wear the shirt again. Some of her friends also want to wear shirts (party affiliations unknown). Fortunately, not everyone teaches their kids to be pinheads. My very Republican daughter came to the defense of a John Kerry shirt-wearing friend at her middle school 4 years ago. A teacher had told him to take it off. I was very proud of my daughter of defending her friend’s right to wear a political shirt, although she was scared of getting in trouble for questioning the teacher (she did not get in trouble – either at home or at school).

So let this be a message to Obama supporters nationwide: just because we don’t support your man, does not mean we are racists; it means we support the policies of McCain/Palin more than we support the policies of Obama/Biden.