Canada is courting wealthy Americans with a new program to ensure they will have a smooth transition from the United States to Canada should John McCain become our next president. Read about it and see the video ad below.

Move to Canada – Video

How many times have we heard the Effete Eliteā„¢ threatened to move to Canada if their candidate of choice doesn’t win any given election? How many times have they actually done it? The only time I’ve seen them go was during the Vietnam War. As soon as the war was over and they were in no danger of having to serve our country, they came back! Sheesh. The actor Richard Dreyfus comes to mind under this category. I just think that if you are going to declare you can not support your country and leave as long as there’s a military draft, then you ought to have the courage of your convictions and actually STAY in the other country. But that’s another story.

Hollywood actors seem to be front and center with these declarations that they will most certainly leave the United States if they don’t get their way. The rest of us are pretty much stuck living within the generally accepted rules and laws set forth by the democratic process. Ain’t life tough!

Canada is generally the preferred destination for these disgruntled Americans. Sometimes its France, but its usually Canada. Canada is, after all, easier to get to and not that big of a change from here. Plus, they speak English. Most of them do anyway. That’s a definite plus.

Now Canada has apparently decided to make the most of the proposed influx of American expatriates. Perhaps they are trying to entice these wealthy Americans to actually follow through on their threats to leave the U.S. For that, I salute them. Check out the video advertisement. If you say you are going to move to Canada if McCain wins, this is for you.

When Americans move to Canada, do they have to pay Canadian taxes? Just wondering.