In a comment that is reminiscent of Obama’s comments about the bitter middle Americans clinging onto their guns and Bibles, Rep. Murtha has marginalized not only his own constituents, but also once again, middle Americans. In a statement he made on Wednesday in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, he stated, “There is no question that Western Pennsylvania is racist.” He then went onto say that despite the racists in western PA, that Obama should win the state. He says that the racists will cost Obama about 4% of the vote.

Well my family is from western Pennsylvania. I resent Rep. Murtha branding my family as racist, just because they work hard, go to church and don’t like Obama’s brand of wealth redistribution. Many of them have had to reluctantly accept help from the government from time to time when the mines shut down, to get back on their feet, not to make “charity” a lifetime vocation. These are the very folks which Obama is suppose to help: people who work hard, but don’t have a lot to show for it.

A reminder for those of you that flunked geography and has never ventured off the left or right coasts: Pittsburgh is in the heart of Western PA. It is coal country, where coke ovens still work overtime and unless you work in the city in the high tech companies that have recently moved in, you either work for the coal companies, or for the railroads. Otherwise, you work for companies supporting the industries. Many still live in houses previously built as company towns by the coal companies. My parents grew up in those company towns. Blacks, whites, eastern European immigrants, etc. all worked and lived together. It was the epitome of the melting pot of America. Out of my parents’ small high school graduating classes came doctors, lawyers, businessmen and a whole lot of proud Americans who trace their roots to the Pittsburgh area. And I was taught that any person who worked hard deserved respect. Skin color was just that: a color. I was not taught to be racist. None of my family was taught to be racists. Were there racists? Yes – as there are in all parts of the country. Western Pennsylvania doesn’t own a monopoly on racism. I suspect there are some racists lurking in the streets of Philly as well.

Well, after a lifetime of hanging pictures of John F. Kennedy on the walls, and working the polls as Democratic poll workers, they are too busy clutching their guns and Bibles to vote for a man who disrespects and misunderstands them way too much.

The link for the Post-Gazette story is here.